Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sun, post 7

sun-happy.jpgIn general, living things are warm and dead things are cold. The Sun ...Summer Sunthe-sun-blueMin-sunbasic overview of the layers of the Sun. Interior zones are the core ...Fun_in_the_sun-wBring the sun indoors: Kenko Light full-spectrum desk lamp | Carp ...Winner: The rescue of the Chilean miners. A certifiable miracle.File:Transit of Venus in Front of the Sun.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsBlack hole sun COOLNESS by munkay on deviantARTSpirit-bomb (Colin) on deviantARTPlace in the Sun - Classic Movies Photo (6058107) - Fanpop fanclubsSunSun and Jazz on a Tuesday | Czech, Please!kensai-earth-and-sun-ex-2.jpgThe morning sun in Baki'e by ~70hassan07 on deviantARTPic] Goo Hye Sun Actualiza su twitter | Sweet Smile Couple ...sunSun and Stars Tattoo by mariepb on deviantARTSun, Swings and Sweets | A Fika A DayOcean Sun Rising by *zjessez on deviantARTsun_risingSun Tattoo by ~MintyShroom on deviantARTBright Sky 5 - Into the sun by photohouse on deviantARTSun and Moon Tapestry by ~Maniacmarshmellow on deviantARTRelationship Outlook – The SunRising SunSun tribal tattoo by xxDistortion on deviantARTFei Fei Sun by WIlly Vanderperre |

Sun, post 6

sun-setting-w-Brown-PelicanFile:Earth Eclipses Sun-ap12-s80-37406.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsFile:Sun to Earth.JPG - Wikimedia Commonsmidnight sun - Norway Photo (24892505) - Fanpop fanclubsSun Tattoo by ~foolinthemoon on deviantARTDesert Sun by pavel89l on deviantARTThe Colour of Snow | Aroma Foliokoo hye sun - Lee Min Ho Photo (18450228) - Fanpop fanclubsSailor Sun by BklynSharkExpert on deviantARTrising sun by aaronL on deviantARTFile:Sun bathing.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsB2ST "Midnight Sun" - BEAST/B2ST Photo (31545947) - Fanpop fanclubsStay Safe in the Sun this Summer | ICC Wellnessrising sunFile:The sun and the icebergs.JPG - Wikimedia CommonsGoo Hye Sun – Hot Chilli Paper Japanese Magazine | ♥♥Love Minsun ...Spinel Sun - Spinel Sun Photo (4198786) - Fanpop fanclubsFile:Molecule Men sun rise.jpg - Wikimedia Commonsthe VENUS Transit of the SUN is a very rare occurenceFile:Sun dog - wea00148.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsGoo Hye Sun hospitalised after traffic accident; filming for episodes ...animation sun photo dhruvi_sun.giffreckledvintage: Virginia Sun | Vandraken's playgroundSuper High Quality Solar SDO Image | The Observersun picKissing the SunFile:Green rim of the setting sun.jpg - Wikimedia Commons... of the sun and sky the exhibition shall follow the sun and skygoo hye sun photo: Goo Hye Sun GooHyeSun235.jpgSun and Moon by coltchr on deviantARTkim gyu sun as gyu sunFile:Active Region on the Sun Emits Another Flare.ogv - Wikimedia ...midnight sunToday's Sun -- April 1 2010 (Extreme Ultraviolet -- STEREO)Darker Day (Sun is going down) | Raishimi33desert_sunsun-2.gif Photo by tinypatsy | Photobucket